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Dr. George J. Rebane is a career manager of technology oriented businesses and projects, and a systems scientist with degrees from U.C.L.A. in physics (B.S.) and engineering (M.S.E. and Ph.D.). He is also a Registered Professional Engineer (Control Systems CS#1970) with the State of California. After completing military ser¬vice as an artillery officer, he began his career as a computer systems engineer with a large aerospace firm, designing and developing manned combat and weapon control systems for the U.S Navy. During the seventies he served as Technical Director then CEO of a systems ‘think tank and black studies’ company in Santa Monica doing classified weapon and sensor systems R&D for the military and large defense industry customers.

In the early eighties he assumed management of a well-known educational electronics manufacturing company, and started its Systems Division which designed, developed, and manufactured the first interactive laser disc systems for Disney’s EPCOT Park in Florida. From there he went on to found a pioneer interactive multimedia systems company that developed and installed numerous systems for merchandising, public information, and training. In the late eighties he established a successful consulting practice through which he has contributed to the development of multimedia and interactive systems technologies with large national and international corporate clients. Due to his broad background, his practice ranged from algorithmics and the design of large scale information systems to corporate development through venture funding and strategic acquisitions. His clients included well-known information system developers and educational institutions that continued to involve him in the forefront of advanced interactive systems development and lecturing on related technologies.

In the 1990s Dr. Rebane entered into a software development and licensing partnership. There he concluded the formulation and development of a new portfolio design and assets management theory the system for which (ADAM) which has been awarded two patents. Before moving to northern California he spent four years with a large ecommerce company where he formed and managed its technology ‘skunk works’ group that developed and successfully applied advanced methods for automated management and control of one of web’s largest comparison shopping sites. Dr. Rebane served as principal investigator on most of the projects involving leading edge application of Bayes networks and knowledge discovery/data mining techniques.

His doctoral work included research in Bayesian network learning theory and the introduction of a new class of stochastic look-ahead planning problems (‘Given all the uncertainties, what should I do until I know what I must do?’). Dr. Rebane’s current interests continue in simulation and modeling (performance, user demand, revenue generation) for internet businesses, corporate/institutional planning and risk management, and financial engineering.

Throughout his professional career Dr. Rebane has also been active in education, training, and planning projects as a speaker at symposia, conferences, and lecturer for various university courses. In the last decade he served as an invited member of the Technology Advisory Committee during the founding of California State University at Monterey Bay and as Associate Professor at Cal State Northridge. He has always devoted time to community activities having served as an inaugural president of Simi Valley Neighborhood Councils and as a Planning Commissioner for the City of Simi Valley and, more recently, for Nevada County. In addition to his current involvement with the Sierra Environmental Studies Foundation, he also serves on the Nevada County ERC Telecommunications Committee, and is a member of Nevada City Rotary where he is involved in various philanthropic projects. He is a member of the IEEE and ACM professional societies.

A native of Estonia, Dr. Rebane immigrated to the United States after being interred with his parents in a post-war displaced persons camp in Germany. His teen years were spent in Indiana. He finished high school in California and met his future wife Jo Ann when they were both undergraduates at UCLA. They were wed in 1962, raised three children in a marriage that continues after four decades, and now take pride in their six grandchildren. An avid reader, his interests begin with philosophy, cosmology, history, and range through camping, archery, and participative sports. Before moving to Nevada County, he lived in the mountains above Malibu for twenty-five years in a house his wife built.


Philosophy, cosmology, history, camping, shooting, tennis, piano, and portfolio management.