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Anna Haynes

George, two things -

1. I'm still hoping you'll provide answers to my questions about who is funding the Sierra Environmental Studies Foundation. (I sent you and Russ an email late Wednesday night alerting you to my weblog post containing the questions, but nobody's responded in the blog comments, and nobody's responded to the email.)

2. What is your position on the reality and importance of human-caused global warming?
(I assume you've seen yesterday's National Academy of Sciences global warming report.
I'm also assuming you're aware that you and Russ Steele are perceived as having similar views, so silence from you on this subject will be taken as indicating you're in agreement with him, or at least, that you don't consider any difference in viewpoints on it to be important enough to express.)

the NAS report is at

the press release is at

my weblog post is at
(June 21 post)

thanks -

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