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Anna Haynes

Thank you George for making your position known.

I take it you haven't seen An Inconvenient Truth?

BTW, some perspective on Lindzen is available at Crooked Timber -
- "Among the scientists taking a public position sceptical of global warming, Richard Lindzen has always seemed the most credible..."

and if you google
Oreskes 928
you'll get Naomi Oreskes' article (BEYOND THE IVORY TOWER: The Scientific Consensus on Climate Change) published in Science, analyzing the climate science literature and finding a consensus.

The Scientific American blog
is a good place to keep up-to-date on this stuff.

But thanks again for being willing to explicitly state your position.


Anna: Some insight to Beyond the Ivory Tower:

From: Prof. Benny Peiser, Liverpool John Moores University

On December 3rd, only days before the start of the 10th Conference of Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP-10), Science Magazine published the results of a study by Naomi Oreskes (1): For the first time, empirical evidence was presented that appeared to show an unanimous, scientific consensus on the anthropogenic causes of recent global warming.

Oreskes claims to have analysed 928 abstracts she found listed on the ISI database using the keywords "climate change". However, a search on the ISI database using the keywords "climate change" for the years 1993 - 2003 reveals that almost 12,000 papers were published during the decade in question (2). What happened to the countless research papers that show that global temperatures were similar or even higher during the Holocene Climate Optimum and the Medieval Warm Period when atmospheric CO2 levels were much lower than today; that solar variability is a key driver of recent climate change, and that climate modeling is highly uncertain?

These objections were put to Oreskes by science writer David Appell. On 15 December 2004, she admitted that there was indeed a serious mistake in her Science essay. According to Oreskes, her study was not based on the keywords "climate change," but on "global climate change" (3).

Her use of three keywords instead of two reduced the list of peer reviewed publications by one order of magnitude (on the UK's ISI databank the keyword search "global climate change" comes up with 1247 documents). Since the results looked questionable, I decided to replicate the Oreskes study.


I analysed all abstracts listed on the ISI databank for 1993 to 2003 using the same keywords ("global climate change") as the Oreskes study. Of the 1247 documents listed, only 1117 included abstracts (130 listed only titles, author(s)' details and keywords). The 1117 abstracts analysed were divided into the same six categories used by Oreskes (#1-6), plus two categories which I added (# 7, 8):

explicit endorsement of the consensus position
evaluation of impacts
mitigation proposals
paleoclimate analysis
rejection of the consensus position.
natural factors of global climate change
unrelated to the question of recent global climate change

The results of my analysis contradict Oreskes' findings and essentially falsify her study:

Of all 1117 abstracts, only 13 (or 0.1%) explicitly endorse the 'consensus view'.
322 abstracts (or 29%) implicitly accept the 'consensus view' but mainly focus on impact assessments of envisaged global climate change.
Less than 10% of the abstracts (89) focus on "mitigation".
67 abstracts mainly focus on methodological questions.
87 abstracts deal exclusively with paleo-climatological research unrelated to recent climate change.
34 abstracts reject or doubt the view that human activities are the main drivers of the "the observed warming over the last 50 years".
44 abstracts focus on natural factors of global climate change.
470 (or 42%) abstracts include the keywords "global climate change" but do not include any direct or indirect link or reference to human activities, CO2 or greenhouse gas emissions, let alone anthropogenic forcing of recent climate change.

Anna Haynes

Russ/ncmedia, you might want to read Tim Lambert on this, at
- he looked at Benny Peiser's abstracts and was not impressed.

plus, from a Lambert comment to the post, at

(in reading the comment, understand that James Hansen is one of the scientists raising the alarm, that Bush is trying to muzzle - Hansen's saying "we have about 10 years left to turn this around". He's head of Goddard Institute for Space Studies at NASA.)

Lambert's comment, with [my clarifications]:
May 9th, 2005 at 12:18 am

Benny’s list of “400 sceptical references” is just as bad as his 34 abstracts. For example, it includes about a dozen papers by notorious skeptic James Hansen, including, for example Defusing the global warming time bomb”
[which said this: "] Global warming is real and the consequences are potentially disastrous ["]

This is rejecting the consensus????
BTW, RealClimate (climatologists' blog) covers the Orekes 'consensus' paper at
( tinyURL for it is )

In short: there is a scientific consensus. It's real. People who continue to argue otherwise will have some explaining to do, to their children.

Anna Haynes

Also - George and Russ, my offer to pay for your tickets to see An Inconvenient Truth at Del Oro still stands. Please take me up on it, and if there's any counterpart presentation that you'd like me to see/listen to in exchange, I'll do it.

(And Al Gore isn't making money on the film, he's donating his share of the proceeds to a foundation that's dedicated to increasing awareness. So you can rest easy on that score.)

George Rebane

For those wanting to see the recent British Channel 4 program 'The Great Global Warming Swindle' that counters Al Gore's 'An Inconvenient Truth', google the title or go to

gjr - 28mar07

Anna Haynes

re the Swindle -
One of the interviewees in the film describes it as
"an out-and-out propaganda piece, in which there is not even a gesture toward balance or explanation of why many of the extended inferences drawn in the film are not widely accepted by the scientific community. There are so many examples, it’s hard to know where to own discussion was grossly distorted by context..."
(from here)

"The problem with The Great Global Warming Swindle, which caused a sensation when it was broadcast on Channel 4 last week, is that to make its case it relies not on future visionaries, but on people whose findings have already been proved wrong. The implications could not be graver. Just as the [U.K.] government launches its climate change bill..., thousands have been misled into believing there is no problem to address."

Anna Haynes

Links for my comment -
and (Monbiot)

Ted Clayton

George Rebane & Co.,

I was highly amused reading your "systems scientist" qualifications ... having recently watched Dr. Alder Fuller use the same qualifications/methodology to assert the opposite conclusions. Alder runs the Euglena Academy at Eugene, OR, and says systems science gives him a better view of the human-induced climate-peril awaiting us.

But of course, as the sunspots continue to languish etc, we know with every passing month what will be required to avoid an AGW-incompatible global cooling becomes ever more radical - and unlikely.

I think it's time to shift from predicting the gross outlines of coming climate-cycles, and begin instead to anticipate the outlines of the social, political & professional (scientific) consequences of the unraveling of AGW/CO2 premises.

Popularly/personally, conservatism will be vindicated and energized, while liberalism/environmentalism will be shaken. The 2012 Presidential campaign may well match or exceed the epic of 2008! Professionally/institutionally, there could be real damages to our intellectual corp.

Following WWII, there emerged a movement identifiable as "Urban Man". The Jetsons cartoon franchise is based directly on their vision & predictions. The movement succeeded to the extent of having a White House cabinet position and major new Federal Agency created on behalf of its convictions & premises. The element of intense commitment to over-leveraged premises, I find comparable with AGW/CO2.

I prefer to use Urban Man as my lead analogy, but no doubt there are good parallels in Lysenkoism and McCarthyism, too. Especially, that the aftermath of these movements took considerable time to play out. Individuals, professions and institutions struggled for years and often many years to work through & put behind them the 'confusion' that so many had so enthusiastically embraced.

The confusion-factor had a much smaller role, with Urban Man ... which was very much systems-science, too. ;-)

Ted Clayton


Ted I am not sure what you were trying to say, but I did visit Dr Alder blog where he writes:

Global heating & climate change, the greatest challenges that humans have faced in the history of our species. We examine the probability that we have passed a critical threshold (tipping point) that is rapidly transforming our climate into one characterized as “chaotic, extreme & violent, a climate that hasn’t existed on Earth for 55 million years since the PETM.

Really! First I would like to see Dr Alders evidence that we have reached a tipping point in climate change. The temperature today are not much different than they were in the late 1980s when Dr. Hansen introduces us to global warming and the dreaded CO2 gas. We have not seen any warming for the last ten years and in the last two years have seen a rapid decline. Now, with a quiet sun, there is a good possibility that we may be headed for an other Dalton Minimum, or worse yet, another Little Ice Age.

Maybe the transformation we should be worrying about is how we will survive on a plant without the necessary agricultural resources to feed the growing billions of people on this planet. If you want chaos and extreme violence, wait until the hungry mobs arrive at your door.


A few papers Oreskes missed...

450 Peer-Reviewed Papers Supporting Skepticism of "Man-Made" Global Warming

David C Whittle

Dear Russell Steele, My name is David Whittle BSc. It is with great interest that I read your article TR0612-8 Cooler Temps--Dalton Minimum Returns? 8 December 2006, It is the most clear concise and factual report on Solar Cycle 24 that I have read so far. Given the recent RECORD cold weather in Nth Hemisphere DO you have a more RECENT
Report, updating data since 2006, please let me know or give me contact to updated data.
Also recent weather indicates "the Science is settled" a Dalton Minimum is occurring and The Thames will FREEZE OVER as it LAST did in 1814 DURING the last Dalton Minimum.


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