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Terry Costa

Marcia, I've talked to you before. Your at it again. Why is it that police, fire or any other safety or normal state employee dedicates their entire working career as a public servant and lately is in jeopardy of having there retirement reduced or eliminated just because the there an economic downturn ? CalPERS has been around for over 75 years and when the economy is peachy, retirements are never an issue. It's absolutely shameful that some people want to treat these public employees that way. The $100,000 club represents about 1% of retirees and CalPERS has told you that, so quit harping on it over and over, your not going to change it for them. These retirements have been earned under current agreements and are a simple formula calculation and now you want to pull the carpet out from under these people (especially idiot mccauley). The only thing I agree with you on is that maybe the retirement ages should be increased, but degrading these public servants for making good money is wrong and you should be ashamed of yourself. These retirement formulas were approved by our legislators and Governor years ago and good benefits are a recruiting tool in attracting good employees for the future.

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